Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Running Makeup, Headbands, Bak 2 da Trak

It was TRACK TIME this morning!  

I've been trying to go to the track on Wednesdays for an easier / shakeout type workout, and Saturdays for a longer, feel like death workout.  I did the exact same thing as I did last week since I was really unhappy with it last week:
5x800 @ 3:19, 3:20, 3:20, 3:21, 3:21.  Tacked on a 400 @ 1:39.  The rest time varied bc I got bored and was walking to random parts of the track to start...the things we do for variety, eh?  =)

I was so discouraged when I did the same thing last week, but today I felt pretty good about it.  Here's why (besides lowered standards):  Last week, I felt like I was killing myself to complete this workout.  This week, I felt like I could have done more.  Slow but sure progress I hope!

I wore one of my new, kickass non-slip headbands that I got in the mail for the workout!  They stayed put pretty well and I think they are ridiculously cute.  

Skinny Runner blogged about this a while back, but in case you are my one reader that doesn't read her blog, Bethanye is making super cute no-slip headbands in exchange for a donation to her Team In Training page!  I love her idea...and her headbands.  GO BUY SOME!

Without any further are the headbands:

 Headband 1: 
Here's #2:
 I know what you're thinking right now:

"Margs....besides the fact that you clearly took these pictures in your bathroom, you look like you sorta dressed up for these pics...different than the usual... like you didn't just step out of a dumpster."

That's correct.  I actually put on makeup and combed my hair, solely so that my poor appearance wouldn't be responsible for a huge drop in Bethanye's headband sales!  

Speaking of appearances, I've been trying to find a new tinted moisturizer.  I barely even own real foundation, so I splurge a little on this stuff instead.  What do you use?  Is it possible to wear that AND foundation?  Clue me in here =)

I looked at some online reviews and a couple brands that kept showing up at the top of the review lists were:

I totally ignored all my research and got josie maran - on the recommendation of the Sephora lady - which I freaking love so far.  What I like:  SPF 30, and more coverage.  Of course, since I wear this stuff like normal makeup as well as for workouts for sun protection, so a little heavier duty stuff works for me to cover up any lovely craters on my face!  It might not be awesome for you if you want a lighter feel.  

So here's the question of the day:
Do you wear tinted moisturizer?  If so, whatcha like?
Yes, and love this Josie Maran stuff.   

ALSO - Do you wear makeup when you run?
Nothing beyond the T.M. unless I am running with other people and I don't want them to think I'm a bum.  =).    


  1. I read in Elle a few issues back that foundations have become much less heavy and they recommended a few that are water based and I got a Chanel one and it's amazing! It's even lighter coverage than the Smashbox TM which I used to love. I'll have to check the name at home.

    I only wear make-up when I run if I run after work because I already have it on. Omg I would never ever put on make-up to run no matter who I was with hahaha. Well I should probably wear sunscreen but since I run 99.9999% of the time on the treadmill (pls don't jinx me and break lil tm!) I'm not at risk for any sun exposure.

    Love the headbands- does she ship to Nigeria ha!

  2. Love the headband! Great work on the track too.

    I wear whatever makeup i have on (eyeliner mascara blush) if I run after work. Sometimes for races I'll wear eyeliner just to feel pretty (eventhough I usually wear sunglasses and no one can see it)

  3. I never really wear makeup when I run unless its after work. But on seeing some recent race pictures I may have to start. Looking like death is not a good look for me, shocking I know.

    Super cute headbands!

  4. I don't wear tinied moisturizer but i'm thinking I may jump on the band wagon. My foundation seems so heavy lately.

    I don't wear makeup unless i'm going out with the hubby, not even to work. But I did attempt it in my last race....just some waterproof mascara so I wouldn't look like a Zonmbie at 7am. I don't think it really made a difference though.

  5. Love the headbands, I will have to check out her site. I wear mascara when I run because my eyelashes are pretty invisible without it, and my sister gave me a complex about it when we were younger. I never really got over it :)

  6. I recently picked up philosophy tinted moisturizer and I really like it. It's light and has a little coverage. I rarely wear makeup when I exercise though, since I rarely wear makeup in general.

    I'm loving those headbands though. I might have to pick on up.

  7. I love the Dermologica tinted moisterizer and it has a little spf in it too.

    I have a couple of those headbands one from SR's link she posted & one from a friend who makes them & they are the only headbands that manage to tame my wild hair :)

    Cute pics!

  8. AAh love how you really don't know much about make-up stuff...I literally own mascara and THAT IS IT...I wash my face with a BAR OF IVORY SOAP. Oh man, that one's hard to get out, it's pretty embarrassing!

    And it's not because I don't want to wear makeup, it's just that I don't know how to.

    So needless to say, I don't know of any good tinted bronzers. I do use SPF 15 sunscreen when I run outside and it's really sunny. Really needed some today but I had forgotten.

    So, the headbands are SOOO cute, esp love the brown with polka dots one on you. I'm checking the site out!

  9. I only wear make up when I run if it's after work, but otherwise, no make up for me!

  10. Haha I totally don't ever care about what I look like on the blog. I post the most unattractive pictures of myself! Sometimes I just think, "omg, I can't believe I just posted that." lol

  11. I just use basic sunblock when I'm running, and a basic non-tinted moisturizer the rest of the time.

  12. This is my new foundation it's super lightweight it's awesome!

    And you do NOT have face craters hahaha I've seen you w/o make-up :D!

  13. I've put on eyeliner once for a race and ended up wearing sunglasses anyway, but it's probably for the better because when I took those glasses off I had sweat off my eyeliner and had raccoon eyes. SO attractive.