Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Sports Drink Report!

Holla!  This morning I did some elliptical and yoga in an attempt to take it easy and keep myself from getting sick / ridiculously sore for days again.

I have also been eating huge portions of everything just in case that was the problem.  Even if it's not, I'm definitely enjoying it =)

Let's talk about all the new sports drinks on the market this year!    

I've run two long races in the last month and one things I've noticed is that when I finished, I got handed random Gatorade products I'd never seen before....I also did a race last fall (malibu half) where they gave out coconut water as the sports drink.
Add that to the G2 (Lower Calorie) Sports Drink that is in all the 7-11s, what's a girl to do?

Wassup with Gatorade:
So along with the regular Gatorade (50 cal / 8 oz), Gatorade has come out with the lower Cal G2 (20 Cal / 8 oz) as well as the the Pro series that includes the dairy based shake drink in the upper right (200 Cal, 15 Grams Protein, 30% Calcium).  The other recovery drink in the round bottle is Gatorade 3 Recover (60 Cal, 8 Grams of Protein).  They've also come out with the "Fit" series that appears to be lower calorie, as well as a Natural series (this sounds awesome!) that's in test markets right now.

My Thoughts:  I actually think that G2 is pretty awesome.  While I can't shake the feeling that I could make my own G2 at half price by just watering down regular Gatorade, I think it's super refreshing.  And unless I've just run 15 miles, I don't really need 200 calories in beverage anyways.  I've mainly purchased it at random convenience stores at exorbitant prices.

As far as the other stuff....I really wasn't impressed by Gatorade 3 Recover (I had mixed berry) or the Pro Series Protein Shake.

The Gatorade 3 has a good combination of protein and carbs, so if you actually like it, I'd say give it a try.  I thought it was way too sweet but palatable.

The Pro Series (I had chocolate) seems to have the nutritional content of a Slim-Fast Shake and it kind of tasted like one too.  Since it's got 200 calories per 8 oz, I'd definitely only drink it if I'd just run a ton of miles and had no real chocolate milk nearby.

Wassup With Coconut Water:  So I had my first run in with coconut water at the Malibu Half Marathon.  I was surprised to find that that was their sports drink of choice (only in Malibu!) and totally avoided it after one surprise cup at mile 4.  Nutritionally, it looks pretty close to Gatorade (45 Cal, 250 mg sodium), only it's a natural product and has 10% of your vitamin C.

My Thoughts:  Honestly, I don't like this stuff, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority with this one.  My mom loves it and it's growing popularity must count for something!  I'd say if you like this stuff, go for it!

Has anybody else gotten these drinks at races? What did you think?

What do you love to drink when/after you're working out?  
(I constantly crave diet coke after running even though I know it's baadddd.)


  1. I've gotten the Gatorade recovery protein stuff after a few races. I haven't tried it yet though. They are in my fridge waiting for me after a speed workout. (I usually carry Fluid recovery protein for my post long race drink- just mix with a bottle of water and Voila!) I haven't seen the coconut water after or during a race yet, but my boyfriend likes to drink it after a workout. I'm not a fan of the flavor.

    During a workout I like to have Gatorade, Nuun, or Gu brew. After a long run I go for Fluid recovery berry flavor. Seems to help recover after a long or hard workout.

  2. I really like the G2 Gatorade, super yummy and it's always on sale!

  3. I don't like the taste of coconut at all, so I'm pretty sure I'd vom if someone handed me that at a race and I was expecting water or gatorade.

  4. I'm all about the water (only thing I really drink), but I should probably branch out and try more electrolyte enhanced bevs...

    ...but when I'm running, they usually make me feel a little nauseated. But I'm working on it!

  5. I really like G2. It's tasty and yeah, I dig the lower calorie thing.

    I read a tip recently in Runner's World about sports drinks, particularly if you drink them before/after hot summer runs: slush up some ice cubes in your blender and add sports drink to make your own Slurpee-type treat. It'll cool you down faster and rehydrate you, too!

  6. i haven't tried any of these drinks but i was wondering what the deal was with them too for enjoyed your thoughts! i'm gonna have to grab some G2 next time i'm at the store..

  7. I really like the G2, but realllly don't care for G3 or coconut water.

    I am a sucker for chocolate milk after a run. YUM.

  8. I have to say that I hate the coconut water as well. The taste is nasty (and i've tried the flavored kind) and just plain nasty! Didn't like the gatorade stuff as well, way to sweet!

  9. New follower!

    I've tried coconut water and it's alright, but not something I would jump for. During and after runs I just want plain old water!

  10. I want to like coconut water but it makes me gag. :( ha

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  12. I <3 G2! Esp grape flavor. Which nobody else seems to like, so it is always in abundance. Also, I add a small crystal of sea salt to just one or two of the water bottles I drink each day to add natural (and cheap) electrolytes to my fluid intake. This was a suggestion from my acupuncturist, and I have really noticed a difference. :)

  13. You should also look for AquaHydrate water. Its an enhanced water that doesnt have any of the sugars or sweeteners of the gatorade products. It has electrolytes and alkaline. I have become a big fan of this water, plus it tastes like great water. no flavors just nice smooth water.