Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Running Mixes @ Yoga, Learning to "swim"?

Things really have changed for me over the years.  I woke up on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM to drive up to LA to do a swim clinic and yoga.  I've never been a complete night owl, but there is NO WAY I would have ever woken up that early on a weekend when I was younger.

I wanted to tell y'all a little about the yoga place I "go".  It's not traditional yoga by a long stretch, but it is super fun, and active, which is definitely up my ally.  Go is in quotes because my participation rate is about once every 3 months these days since it's about an hour drive and $19 for a group class.  

A fun fact about Yoga Hop is that Reese Witherspoon likes to go!  I've always liked Reese, she seems cool.  Maybe sometime I'll run into her there, I'll invite her to coffee, and we can be best friends!

I digress.
Wanna hang out?

One thing that's really cool about Yoga Hop is the fun music that they play during the routines.   Matthew Reyes, the instructor yesterday played some really cool mixes that combine two pop songs.  For example, here's Jump (Van Halen) Vs. California Girls (Katy Perry).   Pretty fun workout stuff!  It's all available for free download on BootieLA's website (I think it's the site of a bunch of DJs?).  Check out the video below, and if you like ridiculously hyper workout music, go get some more at the website!

After yoga, I hopped on other to the TriFit in Santa Monica to do a Luna Chix clinic with my friend Madeline.  Madeline is one of the leaders in the local chapter...I'm not exactly sure what it entails besides organizing training stuff like runs  / bikes / swims and getting a lot of free Luna Bars, but it sounds pretty fun!

Anyways, the clinic was fun...if  you enjoy swimming.  Me...I'm not so sure...too much water up my nose to love it =).    I also felt bad, bc my skills in swimming in a straight line are not so good, which resulted in my kicking several people as they came back in the lane.  Oops. 

It was a humbling experience and the girls who organized it were great!  Trying to learn how to bike and swim lately has certainly reminded me how UNCOORDINATED I really can be!  

Here's what was super awesome though....FREE LUNA BARS at the end!!

Look at this swag.

One of the girls may or may not have made me a 'take home bag' containing at least 10 bars.

So for the Q and A....

Do you eat Luna Bars?  If so, what flavor?  

What's your single FAVORITE song to work out to?  
Oh jeez this is a  hard question.  When I was young, I'd play Matchbox20's Push before every track race.  I don't do that anymore though =). 


  1. Ewwww Matchbox 20 hahahaha. Although my all time favorite song to run to is Blue by Eiffel 65 omg how embarassing is that! Hello late 1990's :D.

    You are so social and outgoing now with all your new activities! Hip-hop/aerboics yoga sounds very fun!

    I have never had a Luna bar! I like Clif Z Bars for kids, especially in the choc chip flavor!

  2. Kanye's Workout Song is the best! I also heart swimming. And, lemon is the best Luna bar flavor, but I think the cookies and cream one is ok. Yogahop sounds super fun!

  3. Favorite song to workout to...right now leaning on Chris Brown Yeah x 3 and Usher More. I like to be able to pump while I'm running or working out!

  4. I always run into people swimming in the opposite direction! That's why I'll only share a lane with my boyfriend. I'm terrible at swimming. Good for you for going out and sticking with it...but I guess if I had a luna bar treat awaiting me at the end, I'd maybe do the same.

  5. Luna Bars are so good! I really like Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter!

    I don't usually listen to music when I work out anymore... I'm becoming one of those weirdos who is in the gym without any headphones. LOL

  6. I love the chocolate peppermint stick Luna bars. I eat them like candy bars! Lemon is also a good one though. Those are fun music mixes.

  7. chocolate raspberry luna bars are the best! i will never get sick of that flavor.