Friday, May 6, 2011

The Glory Days and Blogging Friends

You know days when everything fun gets scheduled at once?  That happened to me today. 

I am usually a very low key person and prefer to sit at home watching Say Yes To The Dress and baking, but today I totally had the social life of Paris Hilton circa 2003.  I got up at 5:30AM to run with blogger friends, went to a happy hour with coworkers after work, and then hung out at a roof top pool with some school friends.  I felt like today's activities could finally give my living in Southern California some street cred!

The day started with running with the wonderful skinnyrunner and once upon a lime. I originally met these girls back before I even blogged (they and my friend Christina are kind of the reasons I even started blogging...beyond my wanting to retire a billionaire blogger)  We met up in Newport and I ran about an hour.  My legs still felt heavy but definitely felt better just by running with friends!
It was super cloudy, but let's face it...trails on the beach are pretty cool no matter what the weather is!   Beach trails are one of the things that made me fall in love with Southern California.  

G2 - The breakfast of Champions
After I got back to my car, I drank some G2 that's been sitting in my car for the last week and a half.  Hopefully that doesn't mean I'll get BPA poisoning?!?!?!  It was pretty delicious though so it might be worth it.  

I went to a happy hour after work, but the main thing I want to talk about is not the happy hour, but my coworkers ridiculously adorable puppy that I'm pretty sure is really a live stuffed animal:
This is a normal size purse and a 2 lb puppy

The day finished up at a friend of a friend's pool (soon to be much better friend if he continues having access to pool).  We got some pizza and drank some wine.  Oh yeah...and my girlfriend on the right brought straw hats to celebrate Cinco De Mayo because she didn't have any sombreros.   Close enough???  Farmer De Mayo?

I am going to live

Here's the rest of the pool area.  I forgot a bathing suit, so I just pushed my jeans up as far as they could go and put my feet in the hot tub.  Still not bad.
Sadly, Charlie told me that I could NOT move in to the top floor of his complex with the pool and that I had to go home.  

So here I am, the end of a long but relaxing day.  It was full of beer, wine, food, socializing, and straw hats.  

Here's MY blogging question for the day...
Have you ever had a super crazy Cinco De Mayo?  If so, I wanna hear about it  =)

Also...How long will you leave a plastic bottle in a car (or somewhere else) and still drink out of it?
Is there a time when I should definitely throw bottles / drinks out?  

I'm off to Seattle tomorrow  to see the BF for the weekend !   Buenas Noches! 


  1. the way i figure it, those plastic bottles sit in the grocery store for a while before i buy them so therefore they last forever in my car. do i have BPA poisoning??

  2. What a fun Cinco de Mayo. I actually did absolutely nothing to celebrate. Well, I used a tortilla to make a quick pizza base for dinner but not sure that really counts. I would definitely still drink it!

  3. OMG that is the cutest puppy ever!!! I wouldn't worry about the BPA poisoning. You are a runner so you have a strong immune system :)

  4. I would definitely still drink it too. BPA? Whaaaat? If it tastes good, it's still good by my rules :) (prob not the best rules to follow though...)

  5. Well if it was a real crazy Cinco De Mayo then you probably don't remember it! lol
    I'm getting super jealous of all these beach runs, makes me want to move to Cali!

  6. More run dates soon. I'm finally getting the hang of speaking while running I think.

    SERIOUSLY, THAT DOG!!! I want one. Do they make any that stay that size. And if you move to the roop top pool expect a visitor every other day.

  7. (My question mark key must be broken.)

  8. I never know if I should respond to comments on my blog or the commenters blog, so I'm responding to yours here :) I live over off 290/1960 (so really close to Cypress but still considered "Houston") but I work over off 290/610 which makes going to Memorial Park REALLY easy and the husband likes it a little more than me running around our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods in the dark at 5am, lol (I don't know why). Too bad you aren't still here, then we could be running buddies! Minus the whole you being a better runner than I am but that's just a minor detail... Why'd you move?

  9. Sounds like fun!! PS - BPA doesn't count for runners... I hope anyway.

    I used to work at a Mexican restaurant and for Cinco we would throw really fun parties and pub games. I've also done a pub crawl before too... nothing too crazy though!