Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lucky Run Half Marathon Race Recap!

After running for the Surf City Half Marathon in early February as a training run, I searched for a reasonably priced, fun looking half marathon to run a little later so I'd have more time to train.

Enter....THE LUCKY RUN!!  

It was in Davis, CA, which was not too inconvenient because Anthony's family lives nearby and he works close by during the week.  It's also at 8 AM which is awesomely late for a half marathon and has day-of packet pickup!  Even better, I found out that Page was registered.  I randomly emailed RoseRunner as well to see if she wanted to come out and run a few miles with me, and...she decided she would come out and run!  Awesome.

My training has been going decently, but I haven't really raced since July (not counting the crappy California International Marathon race), and I haven't been feeling confident at all.  The night before the race I was fantasizing about shutting down the blog, never racing again, etc etc.   Granted, I usually get really nervous / morose before races in general, but it's been worse than usual lately.  I also have been seriously questioning whether it makes sense for me to devote so much time to a hobby.   But, I figured there was no way I could duck out of the race the night before, with Page and Caitlin coming out.

The morning of, I woke up and drove out in Anthony's giant SUV out to Davis.  It was perfect weather for a race:  Sunny and Cool.  

The race is pretty small, so parking was easy.  Caitlin texted me and said she was 20 minutes away and I got my packet.  Before I knew it, I saw Caitlin and she yelled something like "Bunny!".  Honestly it was a funny experience because I'd imagined her to be like six feet tall...and she is totally not!   Normal height!   I told her I really wasn't feeling racing and was hoping we could just run 7:30s.  We lined up and then ran into Page!  (She actually is really tall!  Also surprising!).  It's always so funny to meet blog friends for the first time because I always feel like hugging and acting like we've known each other forever is totally appropriate.  I was really excited to meet Page because she was one of the first running blogs I ever read and very excited to meet Caitlin because come on...it's RoseRunner...

And we were off!  Surprisingly, I felt pretty good.

Mile 1:  7:25

Mile 2: 7:20

Mile 3: 7:19

For the first three miles, Page and RR were chatting like they were running 9 minute miles.  It was amazing!

Mile 4: 7:16

At this point, I started feeling a little mentally defeated.  I considered asking the girls if we could just run 8:30s.  Then I decided to suck it up.

Mile 5: 7:26

Mile 6: 7:21

Heyyoooo...halfway done!

Mile 7 : 7:18

Mile 8 : 7:17

At this point, Caitlin and Page stopped to use the bathroom.  I didn't wait up, figuring that both of those girls are so fast, they could catch up to me no problem.  And they did!

Mile 9: 7:20

Mile 10: 7:29

I hear the girls yelling at me from like 20 yards back.  I turn around and felt so relieved to see them!  I was really excited that they would be there to finish with me and we could push each other to the finish.   (ok...they would push me, not vice versa!).

Mile 11: 7:11

Roserunner starts putting the pace into high gear.  She says that none of us are getting 5 yards from her.  I try to keep up.

Mile 12: 7:10

Page says "Where the eff is the mile 12 marker??".  I grunt in agreement.  Words weren't really an option at this point for me.

Mile 13: 7:18

Page sprints ahead, and Roserunner loops back to finish with me.  Almost there!

Extra Point 1 - no idea.  My mile splits were pretty far from the mile markers and I forgot to stop my garmin anyways!

Final Time / Place:    1:36:47.  11th Female, 2nd in 30-34 age group.  
(of course I was really the 12th female because RR let me ahead of her by like .2 of a second).  
7:23 pace. 

After we caught our breath, we walked around together, pet Page's cute dog, drank small beer samples (Like 2 ounces, WHY SO SMALL???), and ate free powerbars.

And of course...took pictures:  (credit Page)

And more pictures...

(Roserunner and Page share the 3rd place in 25-29 AG prize!)

Final thoughts:  

Ok.  I know this is no PR.  BUT I am really happy with this race.  It was ridiculously fun and honestly kind of a privilege to run with such fast girls.  They were so encouraging and I thought it was hilarious that they were able to hold a conversation almost the whole race.  I know that I finished faster because they ran with me.  

I also felt like I might have had something left at the end and have felt pretty good post-race which isn't exactly a good thing when you race but it makes me hopeful for my future ability.  As I mentioned before, I have felt so down on running this year, and even one mile at my half marathon pace sounds fast to me.  So it felt good to run a respectable time (for me) and I now have hope that I might have a PR in my future if I work hard or get really.....lucky.  


  1. Those splits, wow! Mile 11 and 12 are beautiful, those are always my slowest miles. I'm so impressed with your kick, for realz bunny.

    The best part about the day is you got your running spark back. You hung on so hard on a day where you didn't even want to show up--and if that is what you have in you with a fairly whatever training, you are going to PR the shit out of 2013. I show up at a lot of races with low confidence, that is normal, but hang on to the confidence that you got this weekend!

    The second best part of the day was the thimble of beer. And popping a squat by the lockers of Davis High. THANK YOU for the invite, I had a blast and hope we can do it again!

  2. Good job! Glad you had fun!!!!!!! I have that same shirt! Twins!

  3. That's awesome that you had a great confidence boosting run and got to run/meet fast runners too. Double win.
    I know the first thing that goes for me is confidence in myself, thinking there's no way I can hold pace, etc. I'm actually thinking that right now about a marathon pr.

  4. Awwwwe yeah! I was so stoked to meet you and I'm thinking this should be a yearly (if not more often) thing.

    And you totally dominated that race and it's even better that it gave you just the boost that you were looking for. I was gasping for air trying to catch back up with you -- it wasn't pretty.

    Congrats again and come back to NorCal soon!

  5. It sounds like a great day on all fronts to me--much better to start out blah and gain confidence as you go (and it helps to have fast company). BTW, I'm glad you don't "count" CIM--what a hard day that was. I kind of have to count it, though, because it was one of only four races I did last year.

  6. Nice job! If you'd been wearing some ProCompression shamrock socks and a green sparkly skirt, I'll bet a million dollars you would have PR'd and won your AG ;-)

  7. Bay Area rules. Move here and join us. And run with me next. The end!

  8. Oh yeah and congrats. The end!

  9. @Anisa- where did y'all get the same tank!?!?
    and to second milf runner (who i assume was being sarcastic) how come you dont peddle the $50 holiday-themed socks from PC :p?? i don't know what they are paying ppl in socal these days to be bloggers but that's just crazzyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    1. online! :) its a run pretty far tank. http://www.runprettyfar.com/shop/tanks/

  10. This sounds like so much fun...congrats on a great run!!!

  11. awesome, awesome, awesome!! 3 awesome's for... #1 RR & Page running with you. #2 2nd place in your AG & #3 for running faster than what you expected!! :) :)