Monday, January 2, 2012

2011, you done me good.

Remember when every blogger did a "year in recap" post?  
Well...sorry folks, no originality here!  I'm abouts to do it too! was a pretty great year, fitness-wise.  And a fairly ordinary year otherwise.  
In the Fall of 2010, I was pretty much in the running dark ages.  I was running 4 miles a day in some Sketchers Shape Ups that I got for free.  Um yeah....

And then...2011 happened.  2011: The year, I started giving a crap!  
Here's the year in digital:

January (no excuses)

February (when I became a stalker)

March (blogtastic.  the birth of the faster bunny).

Yeah...I get that you've seen this picture a billion times.  It's the only good one I have! :)

May (when I started realizing 800m workouts don't work for long races)

June (I made freaking hood to coast)

July (The time I was in a diet coke twitter promotion...still baffled how this happened)

August (the time I ran HTC for Nuun and peaked in life forever)

September (then I hit a new low DNF'ing in a 5k)

October (...and then crashed my bike and became "unrunable")

November (But it's cool because I took the best picture ever at RNR LA)
and did a duathlon....
December (ran a pretty sweet half marathon)

(and retained my fabulous form....)

So what's next?  
I'm running the Eugene Marathon and probably NYC if I can stomach their ridiculous prices.  
I'm doing a Ragnar Relay.
I'd love to do an Olympic Tri. 
I wanna run a fast 5k. 

No guarantees though, life is unpredictable ;-).  Here's to an awesome and completely unexpected 2012! 


  1. You had an amazing 2011! I think you're gonna crush it in 2012. :)

  2. Really cool post! Your had an amazing 2011!!!

  3. That first run in HB with SR seems SOOOOOO long ago! I mega love your recap and all the fun in store for '12 :)

  4. Awww you had a great year and I'm glad you started a blog because I kind of like you.

    Cheers to 2012!!

  5. What a year full of awesome! May 2012 be just as kind. Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. you had an awesome year! agree with glad you started a blog and i am excited to see what 2012 holds for you! woo hoo!

  7. A very good year! Yay for the Eugene Marathon (and NYC--did you qualify with that huge half time?).

    I know you don't read so many blogs any more, but please read mine after Houston because I'm going to need your common sense whether I fall (splat) or succeed.

  8. the peace picture probably should be your top moment of 2011 i think.

  9. Cheers to 2012!! fasterbunny will get hers!! :)
    You had an awesome 2011!

    You're ready to set a new marathon PR this year! :) HUGS!!

  10. Diet! Love this recap. You were a legend at HTC. So EXCITED to see you will be at Eugene! I will be there too!! Dealing with sore feet and behind on training but HOPE to run soon! YAY!!