Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Is Not A Love Song

I was flipping through my book of scratched cds this week and found one of my old favorites.

It's a cd I made a few years back after my then boyfriend broke up with me.  (It's the opposite of a lovey mix tape made to show someone you care.  Or to accidentally freak them out, you know...whatever....) 

That day, numb from rejection, I decided that every minute I spent caring about that jerkface would be time wasted.  Time I could be spending doing stuff I liked much better.  So I did what any girl in my situation would do.  I Googled for "Screw You Break Up Songs".

I may have also Googled stuff like "how to make your ex totally jealous"....but hey, who is reading for accuracy here...

Next, I scoured these websites built by my new heartbroken internet friends, burned the perfect cd, and went for a 2 hour car ride.

I drove down the highway playing Cake's version of I Will Survive yelling things like "Oh now go...walk out the door. Just turn around, you're not welcome anymore", while shaking my head sassily.

listen now if you never have.  and get sassy.

Did it help?  Hell yes it did!  It was fantastic.  I don't want to say that I wasn't sad after that drive, but there was something magical about blasting that collection of songs.  Even better than some friend telling me "'re so much BETTER THAN HIM.  I always thought he was ugly anyways....YEAH!"

The great thing about breakup songs is that there is hope for us all.  There are songs like this in every genre.  So no matter what kind of music you like, you can rock out.   Everyone from Justin Timberlake to Brad Paisley to the Nine Inch Nails has fab breakup songs.   (Don't tell me you can't get down to "Cry Me a River", because I will call you a bold faced liar.)

The conclusion of the story?  There really isn't one.  I eventually got over the relationship and moved on, and life went back to normal.  Pretty undramatic.   And I found a much better boyfriend who doesn't make me resort to blasting Cake for hours.  But the next time any minor tragedy strikes, you better believe I'll be making a new compilation and driving down I-5 blasting it.

Anyone else done anything similar during a breakup? Tell me about it and make me feel less silly for writing this post.  


  1. Haha this is great! I haven't done anything like this.. what I did do after a breakup was cook, craft, be with family and start a blog... that for some reason did the trick! :)


  2. Was Pearl Jam's "Better Man" on that mix? I might have blasted that song after one or two losers.....I never made a mix, but break-up music definitely helped me too. So did running.

  3. One summer in college I listened to pretty much nothing but Bright Eyes after a break up, which is so emo and depressing.

  4. In high school my friend Kateyln made me a CD called "Meatcleaver" after my boyfriend broke up with me. Anytime a girlfriend goes through a break up we still burn it and pass it along. Full of awesome chick angst haha

  5. oh yeah! I used to make mix tapes/CDs like that for my frieds... SO FUN! I even put Youre so vain on one ;)

  6. @ rose - Yes, Bright Eyes is one of my favorite depressing groups!

    @ terzah - no "better man", but that is a fantastic song. And yeah, running helps. I love running when I'm upset.

  7. oh god, sometimes I hear break-up songs and I swear the dramatic romanticism of it all makes me wish I had gone through a break-up in my life. Buuut, the only time I've been in love has been with my current guy who will never get away (famous last words. But really).

    p.s. I'm right there with ya making fun of the east bay hippies....even if I may sometimes blend in with them

  8. oh gosh I cant stand breakup songs and sappy stuff because it makes me sad myself.

    Oh and I really loved your 2011 recap post.