Saturday, February 2, 2013

Track Dates of the Future

Brief Notes: 

I'm doing two giveaways next week!  One with Mizuno and one with Albion Fit.  I'm excited for them, but I know that's not everyone's jam, so just a heads up either way!!

Unfortunately, I won't be racing Surf City all out tomorrow unless a miracle occurs because I'm somewhat sick.  Boo-urns.  Right now I'm planning to run it easy with Sarah and Sheila who are also not looking to race.  It sucks, but honestly it wasn't like I was going to PR anyways, so a few more weeks of training for something new won't kill me.  Big sad!  Let me know what all the cool kids (you) are running in March-ish so I can sign up too!

Track date with Sarah

You guys.  I know Sarah already gushed about our Track Party Tuesday night edition on her blog, but I need to do it too.

Sarah, Kristina, and I used to meet on Tuesday mornings down in Orange County for track workouts.  It was amazing because it was a way to get some good speedwork in and get girl time in all before 8 AM.   It's really hard for me to motivate myself to run fast without other people, so it was helpful for my fitness as well.

So Tuesday night, the band got back together (minus Kristina who was clearly there in spirit).  My friend Gisele was there too, but she is too damn fast to even consider running with at this point.  The track was unlit ("This is like Ragnar track"  - Sarah), it was a bit of a drive, and...well...the track kind of sucked too, but the whole experience was freaking awesome.  How lucky am I to have running friends willing to make a drive to meet for a track workouts?

Pretty dang lucky, that's for sure.

Running in the Future

Running has changed a ton in the past decade.  Races are more expensive, sparkly gear is all the rage, and dry fit and compression is common gear.  There are all sorts of opinions on whether the changes of late are good or bad.  But what's going to happen in the future for running?

I thought about it and here's my wishlist:

1)  Race packets that can be picked up online:  Not sure if this will happen due to expo business, but who knows?  It would be awesome for out of towners to not have to pick up a packet the day before.  Bad news for expo business? probably.  Good news for convenience though!

2)  Race packet transfers and exchange platform:  In my perfect world, not only will we be able to transfer our bibs to other people, but there will be a website where people can easily sell race bib transfers (at the sale price or lower so that scalpers don't become a thing) to others.  This way people can get some money back if they get injured, and people who really want to run legally at the last minute can see if there are bibs for sale.  I'm sure this isn't great for Race companies who count on a certain no-show percentage but it sounds awesome to me!

3) Treadmills that....somehow actually simulate being outside:   I have NO idea how this would be manufactured, but I'd like a treadmill that someone simulates real road conditions a little better than they currently do.  Any ideas?

4)  Hologram training partner:  They made a Tupac hologram at Coachella last year, why can't they make me a virtual Kara Goucher?  It would be awesome.  We could run track workouts together and be best friends.

What's on your running future wishlist?


  1. Totally random, but totally love it! Holographic Kara Goucher. Yes, someone fully needs to get on the ball with making that happen!

  2. I like # 2 and 4. I'd also like a virtual reality treadmill where I could trail run in exotic places with the views, terrain and wild animals I find outside.

  3. How about a line on the course that shows what the tangents are for those of us who understand the idea of tangents yet still can't manage to run them? Even better if it could be magical like the yellow first down line on TV.

    Also, can we get more beer at post-race festivities? Sometimes I can't stomach it at all, but post-Twin Cities I was on a mad hunt for it and it was nowhere to be found. This is not advanced stuff.

    1. Oh I like that tangent line idea!!!

  4. This is a random comment, but I totally lol'ed when I read "boo-urns." I have a coworker with the last name Burns that I always call this, and I don't think anyone ever gets it! :)

  5. I like everything on your wish list. I would especially agree with #2. I think that it is dumb that races don't let you transfer bibs. Its not like more people are going to be running the race.

  6. Totally agree about the race transfer thing. And online race packet. I just raced in the UK today and they posted our numbers/tags/packs to us. It was so easy and so great!!

    You should do Oakland in March! Loads of Bay Area bloggers are doing it and it's supposed to be great. I'm doing the half, I'm really looking forward to it.

    Hope Surf City goes/went well!!

  7. I would like a treadmill that simulates the less boring conditions of being outside. Sort of like those ones where you can watch a screen of scenery as you run in place but more virtual reality like so you might actually believe it.

  8. Running a 1:30 with you. It will happen!!!!!!!!!