Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh yeah I'm running NYC

First of all, thank you for all the entries into the Mizuno contest.  I really had no idea so many people would enter!  Crazy. 

The contest ends tonight (midnight PST) but it might take me some time to sift through all the entries and announce the winners.

Also, if you're on the east coast I hope your power stays on and your streets don't flood.   And I hope your twitter stays on for important updates:

(one among a number of Sandy spoofs)

I've barely mentioned it on the blog, but I'm registered for and am running the New York City marathon this Sunday.  And I'm excited for it in the "get to run with some of the best runners in the world in one of the coolest cities in the world" kind of way.

I'm not excited in the "holy shit I've trained so hard I want to get out there" kind of way.   Because I haven't trained hard.

And honestly I hate running races where I don't think I'm ready to give a decent performance.  I'm planning on moving back from corral 1 (which I probably didn't belong in to begin with?) and hopefully I can tuck and hang on with the 3:30 pacer.

"Hey Margot!  Wouldn't a 3:30 still be a PR?".

Yeah it would.  But I still like to think that on a good day, my eyes would be set on a faster time than a 3:30.   But who knows...maybe moving back with a 3:40 pacer would be more wise.  The problem is that I've pretty much put in seven weeks of marathon training.  Which is about 10 weeks too short.

The good news is that I've been able to be more consistent about weekly long runs than I ever was before when I was travelling all the time to visit Anthony.   So I've put in a few 20 milers. The bad news is that most of my serious training has been put in chasing after McDonald's.  Seriously.


 Paces like 7:15 - 7:20 that were around half marathon pace now feel like 10k pace.  And the frustration that I feel when realizing that I am pushing so hard for something that used to feel hard-but-relaxed is tangible.   Some of this I can blame on the sub-par new running routes I'm taking which somewhat resemble a steeplechase course, but that's not the only reason.

Regardless, hopefully this feeling magically goes away come Sunday.

That usually happens, right?  ;-).

So I guess I taper now.  Does a seven week training program even deserve a taper?  I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to be doing low mileage with a few marathon pace miles in there this week and a hell of a lot of electrostim therapy (which is a lot of fun!), carbs, sleep, water, and compression

So if you happen to be in NYC and see an extremely uncomfortable looking short-ish person wearing ears and cussing out the world on November 4th, put up your hand.  I will high five you.  And potentially steal your beer / ice cream cone.   

And then please tell me to run faster. 


  1. Just FYI:

    Corrals at NYC aren't what you think they are. Its more or less a holding area, then they take you to a staging area by the bridge where you can push your way forward or just chill where you are. But I had NO idea what was going on because it is a MOB. We were standing there in the staging area and the cannon just went off - and one I wasn't prepared for it. (I was Wave 1, somewhere in the middle of the orange corral.) But really, the bottom line it doesn't matter where you stand as the start is chaotic.

    So I wouldn't expect to look for pacers. Just don't do anything stupid at the beginning and you'll be fine.

  2. Who really cares about the race. Just have fun in NYC and eat some pizza! I heard it's good or something.

  3. Fingers crossed for you! It was a fun race and I found the pacer I used seven years ago to be really steady--she pretty much nailed it. Hopefully that's still true of all of them.

    Good luck and have fun!

  4. At least you won't be over trained, right? I'm cheering for good weather for you and a big, surprise PR.

  5. Have an awesome race! I'm volunteering as an Italian interpreter at the finish line and I'm really excited for Sunday. Just have fun and enjoy the crowds - spectators in NYC are like nowhere else!

  6. oooh how excting! Good luck this coming weekend. I wish I could even just be a spectator at NYC!

  7. Good luck in NYC!!! I hope that the race goes better than you are expecting. I am sure that you will do fine. You at least trained, even if it wasn't for your ideal time frame. You also have sprinkled in some 20 milers so you should do fine. Go kick some butt!

  8. Do you ever have that weird feeling that when you finally get to your race and start running, everything will magically fall into place? Like, all of your lack of training won't matter because you'll hit The Zone and everything will be perfect and feel perfect and you will be swift and smooth and just totally blow your own self away with your awesomeness? I hope for that every single time I race. And it has never happened. That means someone is due for that experience...I give it to YOU :) Hope NYC is way amazing for you!

  9. I just hope you can get out to NYC despite the storm! Better to be a little under-trained than over-trained. Rest up and remember to smile when you're running - it makes you faster.

  10. Just think of yourself as being well-rested :). You will do AWESOME! Just being there is an accomplishment. So proud of you!

  11. I am much slower then you and NYC was my first and only marathon so take this with a grain of salt. But NYC is so amazing you'll feel like a freaking rockstar the whole time. People talk about 1st ave (mile 16) but man Brooklyn came out in spades last year. I will never forget tearing up at a huge "NYC loves you Runers" sign last year in Brooklyn and just feeling so grateful to be there and with working legs. So don't stress it. Even if you go out to fast and take a full hour longer then you hoped for, I bet it's still amazing. (Trust me. :))

  12. I've been thinking of you this week Margot! :) I'm so excited for the wonderful experience & race I know you're going to have. I've always felt that the LR is the meat & taters of our 26.2 training & it sounds like you got that down! :) Have the bestest time!! Take lotsa pics & enjoy the whole experience!! I'll be thinking & cheering for you from SoCal when you toe the line. Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Go get 'em bunny!!! xo :))

  13. marggggssssss u just gotta get out of your head! nycm might be once in a lifetime chance. i know we all want to pr and have something to "prove" for our hard work 7wks or 16wks or whatever, but just take yourself out of the blog world for a minute and think about having a fun experience and not worrying about what happens on sunday.

    if you want to be happy just to have done the race even without pr or if you want to be sad because of not a big pr just do it for yourself and i bet the outcome, pr or not, will be a really fun really special experience!

    just after reading alllllll the endless running blogs it's like, life is so short to worry about 331 or 330 or 325 no? i know you work hard but sometimes things just need to be enjoyed in the moment and to have a great memory w/o pressure. obviously even myself i get annoyed when i dont run as fast as i think but nycm is different you just gotta do it to do it and another day you worry about specifics.

    so smile and good luck! it's sure it's going to be fun no matter what happens!! that's a promise :D!!!

    also anisa is 100% right, just being there on time qualification is a huge accomplishment already!!!