Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ragnar Vegas Baby (teaser style)

WE DID IT!!!! 

Sorry for the corny picture text ;-).  As you may know, our team is hilariously named Undecided2 since we forgot to pick a name in time.

Ragnar Las Vegas.  1st place women's division, 2nd place ultra (although we are thinking maybe were really first??), 11th place overall, and 1st place in having the most fun and awesome team ever.  D'awwww. 

Our time was 25:58.07.  Major props to our speedy anchor Lauren for getting us through under 26 hours! 

This last weekend, I have become even more convinced at how fun ultra relays are.   The race recap is coming soon, but here are a couple thoughts. 

1) It's crazy how much my body breaks down during an ultra relay.  By the end of my third leg, I was struggling to pull a 9:00 pace.  The pictures below are from exchange 1 of Sarah and me playing around practising handoffs (left) and exchange for leg 3 just trying to stand up and not die. 

(Do you like my Brooks-Hanson's jersey? I'm pretty sure it made me much faster)

2)  You can't do it alone.   Well maybe you can, but I can't.  We had the help of two absolutely SAINTLY drivers, Lee and Brian and of two sponsors, ProCompression and Compex.  

I probably electrostimed my legs about 5 times in the van over the course of the relay.   And Brian, Oual's husband has now driven our van TWICE (he was our driver for So. Cal Ultra as well!).  Wow.  If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

3)  Loving my team.

I am so lucky to have been able to run with such great girls.  I was especially happy to get to know Lauren better since I'd only met her briefly in the past.  And now that I'm in LA, I miss my OC and OC adoptee (ahem, Emily) friends more than ever. 

And I'm even more lucky that my teammates allowed me to steal their pictures for this post.  

More to come soon....


  1. I'm doing my first relay in April. Mostly because of all the amazing fun you guys have been having doing them!

  2. This is just plain awesome! I have loved reading all your recaps and following everyone on twitter throughout the race! It seemed like you had a blast even though the run was extremely hard.

  3. awesome job u guys!! i also laughed so hard at ur desi costume...props to u margot.

  4. You ladies rocked that relay- CONGRATS!!!!!

  5. Cannot wait to read more and seriously you guys are freaking amazing. I mean holy crap you totally kicked ass!

  6. You've the most awesome-sauce-est and fun-est team!