Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Running...Cowboy Style

You guys.  I really have wanted to update you on my running but I have been too busy to blog.

I am so so busy.

My life is totally full... 


I've been watching this video 10x a day.  I am probably 60% of the 210 million pageviews.  If you haven't watched Psy dance yet, get on it right now.   And then teach me the dance!  Because it's deceptively hard to master and I'm tired of looking like a leprechaun when trying to learn it.

Heeeeyyyyyy.  SEXY LADDYYY!


Alright.  Now that I got THAT out of my system, I can talk about running.

Running Events

The good news is that I'm loving it again!  I haven't truly enjoyed running since last spring, so it's great to feel...good about it again.

I'm loving it enough to even go to running-type events.  Today, Kristina and I went to Road Runner Sports "Ladies Night Out" at the store in Costa Mesa.

Basically Ladies Night Out is an event where Road Runner Sports locations have drinks, candy / cupcakes, tons of free stuff and prizes.  I went last time with Sarah and won a sweet hat/socks combo.

I'm kind of a running shoe geek, so it was fun to hang out at vendors booths like Asics, Mizuno, etc.  Kristina is looking for a shoe to replace her Brooks Launch so we spent some time learning about other lightweight trainers.  One guy manning a booth was even friends with Ryan Hall!   Either that or he is a great liar.  Hard to say!

As if I needed another reason to go bum around a running store....

So next time come with me and let's be best friends.

NYC Marathon Update.

Beyond just hanging out at running stores, I have been easing back into workouts and long runs after my vacation.  Basically I'm not in the shape I need to be at this point to run a decent marathon in NYC, but I think I'm ready to make some effort to get there.   Which for me...is often half the battle.

I don't have a marathon training plan, but I am going to do the standard "long run on weekend, one long tempo, one interval session" per week.  When I was training for Eugene, I did a lot of fast finish long runs.   I felt like it destroyed my body for little benefit.  So this time around, I'm going to let myself take it easy on most of my long runs and see what happens.  I also want to build mileage.

I'm not going to take NYC as a "goal marathon" - meaning that I won't have the training in place to do my best.  However, marathons are weird and if it seems like things are going well in the next couple weeks, I'll definitely try to gun for a PR.  Why not, right?


Uhhh yeah.  So remember when I ran the Eugene Marathon right after running the Southern California Ultra Relay?

Well I'm kind of doing that again.  And you have the right to tell me I'm an idiot, because frankly...maybe I am.  Bottom line, I REALLY wanted to run with my friends in Vegas and I REALLY wanted to do the NYC marathon. Rather than turn one down, I've opted to do both.  

Here's the team, as stolen from SarahOual's blog!  That girl is a graphic genius. 

I'm one of the slowpokes of this team, so I'm hoping I won't let anyone down!

We've got two sponsors this time around, who are Compex and ProCompression.  They are both recovery-type products, which will be MUCH needed between the marathon and relay!   I'll talk more about them later, because frankly, this post is already random enough.

Bottom line, it's going to be a crazy November, but I'm really excited for both the relay and the marathon.  Now time to get serious with the training. 


  1. Rockstar Ragnar Line up! Whoo! :D

    I cannot get enough of that Gangnam style either...and though I am certifiably the world's worst dancer, I have attempted to learn the dance and have been practicing it around the house. much to the chagrin of my hubby. LOL!!

  2. I just went to the RRS event in my town last night too, was hoping to score some of the free stuff but didn't luck out. And girl, you are crazy! My body would never make it through those events alive!

  3. I love the team graphic- that was a great idea. SoCal Desi is awesome!

  4. NYC isn't really a good place to PR anyway...too hilly on concrete...but it's SO fun you won't care. And like you said, if you're ready, you won't be able to stop the PR with all the cement and bridges in the five boroughs.

    Enjoy the relay! I'm glad I'm not on that team if you're one of the "slow" ones.

  5. I'm so sad I missed the RRS party but so glad that time I drugged you and made you sign the Ragnar consent form in blood worked out well!

  6. Enjoyed the update! I'll be in Vegas running Ragnar so we most definitely need to hook up. Hopefully I can quit drinking and gambling long enough to run the stupid relay part. ;) If not maybe my team will just let me be the driver.....oh wait... Nevermind I have no idea where I'm going with this comment.

    Good luck with your NYC training!

  7. I just found out about that crazy dance last night and it is hilarious! It looks super fun!
    Good luck in your training for NYM!

  8. I guess you are doing it in reverse this time, though...marathon THEN relay? I'm sure it will be fun!

  9. What?! You are not really going to Vegas bc you are psychic and you knew I would be there, too? Hanging out with me will be a very important part of "recovery." :)

  10. You have some fun races coming up! That Ragnar team is stacked. We won't blink cause we'll miss you guys crossing the finish line if we do. Good luck up in LA, hope to see you soon!

  11. I hardly doubt you'd ever 'let anyone down' and I am extremely skeptical of this 'one of the slowpokes' biz. You're one tough cookie fast running bunny girl :)

  12. It would make my life is NYRR blasted Psy in Staten Island before the marathon. But, then I would probably waste all of my energy trying to perfect the dance. That video is brilliant. I'm obsessed, too. Good luck with your training!

  13. I may or may not have a video half edited that involves my children dancing Gangham style. Just sayin'.