Monday, June 11, 2012

Nuun Mile (The Oual Remix)

It all started with an email...

(sorry if you've already ready about this on Sarah's blog, but damnit I want to post about it too).

And now it's turned into an Internet sensation:

Ok fine maybe 626 pageviews is a little less than what Jbeibs gets on his videos, but it is my ambition to make The Nuun Mile the biggest viral running sensation the world has ever known.  Move over Carly Rae Jepsen.

To Run the Nuun Mile You'll need:
4 bottles that hold at least 16 ounces of fluid.  4 tabs of Nuun.  One track, and one strong stomach. 
It's just like a beer mile.  
Chug -->  Run --> Chug --> Run --> Chug --> Run --> Chug --> Run

Here's how it worked out for me (as produced by SarahOual Studios). 

Sorry if my voice / mannerisms are way worse than you imagined.  Can't help it.

Final Thoughts On The Nuun Mile:

Running the Nuun Mile was actually pretty easy for the first couple laps.  And I'm not much of a chugger either.  By lap three, shit got serious.  Seriously uncomfortable as well.  I ran the ultimate positive split of my first half in 4:21 and the last half in 7:46.   

But it was gloriously fun.  Although it was probably fun only because Sarah was there to be my pit crew.  Otherwise I would have just felt like a crazy person.  I'd like to try a beer mile to compare, but I'm going to need to do that after work for obvious reasons. 

A couple last things:  I want someone else to try this so that I can know whether my 11:57 time sucks or not.  Let me know.  And no cheating.  If anyone can legitimately break 9 minutes dinner's on me.  So let's see what you've got....



  1. I'm so intrigued! I want to give this a shot. Need to find a track and I will do it! I also want to try the beer Mile too! Nicely done Margs!

  2. omg im going to puke just thinking about chugging Nuun. I've decided all the flavors taste nasty except lemon-lime :(. I need to get over this since I have a lot of tubes stocked up from when I thought it was tasty. Sighhhhhhh

  3. Proud of ya Margot! You should try a Milk mile!

  4. I loved this & do have to admit I'm a bit intrigued. Maybe XL and I can stage a Bay Area version. And p/s your mannerisms are one of the best things about you -- so Desi-like. ;) Hey, I wonder is we could get Desi to do this, now that we're all BFFs!!!!

  5. Great Job! I don't think I could do that with even half the amount of liquid that you did. You might have started a new trend with all those views!

  6. That is more hits than any video I've ever made...except for the egg peeler one...people seem to like that one :P

    This is pretty awesome. I would try it with A and Giraffy but I would most likely puke.

  7. OMG you probably felt like hell for a few hours after this. Probably not a great way to start the workday. I would much rather try the beer mile. It's only 12oz in a can or bottle of beer and at least you have a good buzz to work with.

  8. This is hilarious. Must try. East coast v west coast rivalry?!

  9. Hmmm, in college we had a beer mile we did as well as...naked quarters (i.e., 400m). Maybe you should try naked Nuun quarters?